Dewey’s Hour 11 Challenge: Plan a Bookish Party!

I apologize for the lack of graphics, but I’m simply trying to wrap up a few challenges so I can maybe squeeze in a short nap.

This challenge, sponsored by Happy Writer, requires me to plan a party around a favorite book, not necessarily one I’m reading during this ‘thon. So here goes…

What book is your party themed around?

My party is themed around The Wizard of Oz.

What food will you serve?

I would serve sparkly red cookies shaped like shoes (ruby red slippers), some good wheat bread (for Kansas), lots of green things, like M&Ms, Skittles, green frosted sugar cookies, etc. (Emerald City), and perhaps a Yellow Brick Road made out of frosted graham crackers.

What’s your signature drink?

The signature drink would be cocktails with green food coloring.

What games will you play?

We would play Pin the Wicked Witch of the East’s Legs on the House (which sounds like a fun yet awful game), and a game centered on how long you could keep a balloon (like the Wizard’s hot air balloon) in the air.

What party favors will you send home with your guests?

I would send home gift bags with little “Home Sweet Home” signs (handmade of course–this is fantasy, right?) and little stuffed Totos.

What did you plan for your bookish party? Or what would you? Let me know below!


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