Review Rating Scale

I tend to rate my books on a 5 star system. Below is how I determine my ratings. On this rating scale, most books I enjoy come out as a 4.

5 out of 5: The book was absolutely perfect in every way. I could not find anything wrong with it. I LOVE IT!

4 out of 5: The book was practically perfect, but had one or two factors that stopped it from being absolute perfection. I’ll highlight the 1 or 2 factors in my review usually, but I still really enjoyed this book.

3 out of 5: I liked the book, but didn’t love it. I enjoyed some aspects, and had trouble with others. Read the review for what didn’t work for me.

2 out of 5: I didn’t really like the book, but I may have enjoyed some aspects of it.

1 out of 5: This book was absolutely awful. I may not have finished it. I don’t tend to have a lot of books that fall in this category.