June Read-a-thon TBRs!! (3!)

So, it's summer and I'm a teacher...so what better way to spend a week of my free time than attempting 3 readathons at once?!? I have this next week free from professional development workshops and travel. My apartment is pretty clean...so I think I can! I also have a fair amount of overlap on my … Continue reading June Read-a-thon TBRs!! (3!)

Spring Bookish Bingo 2017: TBR & First Update

So, I failed at Winter Bookish Bingo, and completely forgot to check for the Spring card until the other day. Thankfully, several books I've read this month will count! The seasonal Bookish Bingo cards I've been doing come from Bekka at Pretty Deadly Reviews, if you're interested in checking it out! Here's the card, and … Continue reading Spring Bookish Bingo 2017: TBR & First Update

#12DaysofDiversity Retelling Readathon TBR

From December 19 to December 30, I will be participating in the 12 Days of Diversity Readathon, which is focused on retellings. The readathon is sponsored by author Julia Ember (you can find more information here, though I'm pretty late in posting my TBR and sign-ups are no longer open, I don't think). I've tried … Continue reading #12DaysofDiversity Retelling Readathon TBR