#BookishBloggersUnite: Introductions

Hey, everyone!! I've been trying to do at least a post a week, but life has been hectic. This week, I'm joining in a new weekly event that was formed when a group of bloggers decided we wanted to talk books every week. Please feel free to join us! This week, the event is hosted … Continue reading #BookishBloggersUnite: Introductions


My Month in Books & Blogging: January 2018

Last year, I didn't really do monthly wrap-ups, but seeing as I track my reading religiously, I thought this year was a good time to start! I'm hoping to track not just my reading life, but also my blogging goals, for a little bit of accountability (note: I've not done well in January). Anywho, here … Continue reading My Month in Books & Blogging: January 2018