24 in 48: July 2019 Update Post


(Graphic is a stack of books on a desk with an alarm clock on top. 24 in 48 readathon is written on the books).

It’s that time again!!! 24 in 48 is here!!! We are around Hour 13 at the moment and I have about 6 hrs and 8 minutes in. I’m going to use this post to post updates throughout. I look forward to seeing how everyone else is doing too, so leave me some comments!

Hour 13

Time Read/Listened: 6 hr 8 minutes

Currently Reading: in between–probably going to tackle some Hugo novelettes or graphic novels next!

Currently Listening: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Books Finished: Wuthering Heights (started prior to ‘thon), Dragon Pearl, Nine Last Days on Planet Earth (novelette), The Only Harmless Great Thing (novelette)

Challenges: I participated in the Hour 6 sci-fi/fantasy challenge. Here was my entry:

See you again in a few hours!! Happy reading!

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