Belated Holiday Romance: Dance All Night by Alexis Daria

dance all night

I have only started reading holiday books in the last year or two, and this Christmas, I was lucky enough to score a Netgalley copy of Dance All Night by Alexis Daria. I’ve previously read one of the previous books in the Dance Off series, and really enjoyed it, so I was excited to get to this one as well. The series follows various cast members of a Dancing with the Stars reality-type show as they find love and romance. I really love the dance setting and the vibes you get (especially because I was into ballroom dancing in college & mentions of dances I know how to do always make me a bit nostalgic).

In this installment of novella length, the focus is on Jess Davenport, a dancer on the show who hates holidays, and a Broadway dancer named Nik Kovalenko, whose brother was the focus of the second book in the series (which I haven’t read yet). On New Year’s Eve, at a party, Nik and Jess share a midnight kiss that’s pretty amazing from the sounds of it, and then go their separate ways. Almost a year later, Nik comes back to town intent on dating Jess, who gives him 3 dates to show her that the Christmas season really isn’t all that bad (she’s a bit of a Scrooge).

For me, this was just a really fun book to read around the holidays–though I’m sure the romance can appeal year-round. Jess and Nik have great chemistry and it’s really fun to see them developed as people throughout the story. It did suffer a little from their lack  of communication, which made me occasionally want to scream at them both, but their journey is still quite wonderful to watch. I love how Jess’s character develops, and how you really get to know Nik throughout the book and appreciate where both of them are coming from. I laughed and I teared up, and I just found it to be a very sweet holiday romance with lots of fun flirting and holiday fun, as well as some perfectly steamy scenes. If you like contemporary romance, I definitely recommend this one and the first in the Dance Off series (and I’m definitely going to make time to go back to the second).

Note: I received this book from Netgalley & the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.

More Information: Goodreads, Alexis Daria’s website

What contemporary or holiday romances have you loved recently?? Let me know in the comments!


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