Bookish Bloggers Unite: International Women’s Day Edition

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Happy Friday!!! It’s that time for #BookishBloggersUnite. #BookishBloggersUnite is a meme that started when a bunch of book living bloggers decided it would be fun to get together each week and talk about some of our favourite bookish things. Everyone is welcome to join in, and we take turns hosting. This week’s host is Bookish Bron.

In honour of International Women’s Day we’re celebrating women writers, so join in if you want to! We are each listing women authors according to the following criteria:

  • one who is a favorite, whose writing you love and love to recommend,
  • one whose work you’ve read some of and would like to read more, and
  • one whose work you haven’t read of but you really want to (darn those giant TBR lists!)

A Favorite Author I Love & Love to Recommend

Victoria/V. E. Schwab

I have not read all of Victoria/V. E. Schwab’s work, but I’ve read enough to know that I would recommend anything she writes. I have read her entire Shades of Magic series and read Vicious, which is soon to get a sequel. I own her Monsters of Verity duology & can’t wait to get around to reading it sometime soon…and I’m also super looking forward to a Shades of Magic comic series, additional books in that world, and a really fun looking middle grades series! She’s so amazing. Her worlds are so well-built and her characters are always intriguing and relatable. Definitely worth a read, no matter where you want to start.

An Author I’ve Read Some Of and Would Like to Read More

N. K. Jemisin

I’d heard so much about N. K. Jemisin and I was so excited when I finally got around to reading her Inheritance trilogy. I spaced them out over the better part of a year and a half or so, and really, really enjoyed them. The world is so lush and constantly changing (I think the trilogy spans at least 100 years) and I really enjoyed the characters, even if I didn’t love them all. Her writing was just beautiful. I can’t wait to get to The Broken Earth trilogy and all of her other works (including a Mass Effect novel!).

An Author I Haven’t Read But Really Want To

Malinda Lo


There are so many different women authors I want to read and haven’t yet, but Malinda Lo is definitely on my list for this year. I’m really interested in reading Ash, an LGBT retelling of Cinderella, which I’ve heard many, many rave reviews about. After that, I hope to delve into her other works as well.

What women authors do you recommend? Who do you want to read? Let me know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Bookish Bloggers Unite: International Women’s Day Edition

    1. Malinda Lo and N.K. Jemisin have been on my TBR forever, I really need to get to them soon!

      I have only read a Darker Shade of Magic by Victoria Schwab, I really need to get back to that series soon as well.

      Great picks 🙂


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