Why I’m Thankful for Books

Thankful for Books

Books are something that I think all of us in the blogosphere are thankful for. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to incorporate gratefulness and Thanksgiving into my blog and I decided that I wanted to share some reasons I’m grateful for books.

One of the main things I love most about books are the stories they tell. Whether fiction or nonfiction, a book is always telling us a story of some kind, and expecting us to learn or grow from that story. I’ve read some very good stories in my reading life, and they always make me feel things, whether happiness, sadness, despair, or empathy, I know I’ve found a good book when that story gives me a lot of feelings. I also know a book has touched me when I learn something new or experience a viewpoint that is not my own. As I’ve attempted to read more diversely this year, I’ve definitely expanded my horizons and my viewpoints of certain situations, and I’m still constantly evolving–which is a part of book magic I’m hugely grateful for.

Books can also allow me to take a vacation from troubles and anxieties. When I’m really invested in a book, my brain can only focus on it and is forced to ignore other problems I’m stressing out about. I always know the problems will still be there when I return, but even a slight reprieve to help me then come back and approach problems differently is so helpful. Books allow me to recharge and then come back with a calmer head and heart to tackle my day.

Characters are another reason to be grateful for books. I’ve found some of my favorite people on the pages of books. From strong characters to unlikable characters you can appreciate to characters you simply despise, authors can bring all kinds of people to life, and I love getting to interact with characters of all kinds that mirror the real world, even if they’re fantastical in nature. I’m likely never going to encounter Mr. Darcy in the real world, nor a supervillain, but on the pages of a book I can attend a dance at Netherfield Park and feel Darcy’s disdain and I can fight alongside Ms. Marvel as she takes on villains large and small.

I am very grateful for the joy I feel when I return to favored books. There are few books I re-read at all, and even fewer that I read multiple times. On these occasions, the books and characters are ones that grip me and speak to me in ways not even I can fathom sometimes. Opening those pages for the second, third, or fourth time brings a peace, familiarity, and kinship that I can appreciate. It always feels like returning to old friends, even if the events haven’t changed, I typically learn something new about the book or myself. Revisiting books across your lifespan is a practice I enjoy, and it’s surprising how much your view of the same book can change as you do.

These are some of the few reasons I can articulate that books are special to me and that I’m grateful for them. What are some reasons you’re grateful for books?? I’d love to see them in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Why I’m Thankful for Books

  1. I love your blog post.

    Let’s see.

    I’m grateful for books because they can be written about anything and everything. I love how one story can take on many shapes like the fairy tales for instance. There are so many variations about Little Red Riding Hood for instance. I saw on one of the blogs about a picture book about Little Red Wolf or something like that and I found it to be interesting.

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  2. I am thankful for books for many of the reasons you shared. Books open up the world for me! I love to learn and experience other lives for a brief time. It makes me heart and my mind expand. And then there is the pure entertainment value as well!
    Great post!

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