#ThanksgivingReadathon Sign-Up Post!


I’m home a whole day early and was so excited to see that Jackie B. @ Death by Tsundoku and Ottavia @ Novels and Nonfiction are hosting the #ThanksgivingReadathon this year! It sounds like a really good way to get me reading over my days off (busy though they are). It’s meant to be stress free–and I’m so glad for the casual-ness! It runs from tomorrow (Wednesday, November 22nd) until Sunday, November 26th.

If you’d like to participate:

  • Read as many books as you can in those 5 days
  • Use the hashtag #ThanksgivingReadathon to share your participation and progress using Twitter and other social media sites
  • Publish a Sign-Up Post between Monday the 20th and Wednesday the 22nd with your readathon TBR and goals.
    • Bonus: Share some of your holiday traditions or what you are excited about this Thanksgiving week!
  • Publish a Wrap-Up post on between Monday the 27th and Wednesday the 29th sharing your readathon victories!
    • Bonus: Share what you are thankful for this year.
  • Comment on Ottavia’s and my own posts with your post links to link up and share the comment love

My #ThanksgivingReadathon Goals

  • Read at least 1-2 hours each day.
  • Finish at least 2 books towards the Read Harder challenge.


I’m such a mood reader that I’m not going to set a super strict TBR for this readathon. I am going to list the 2-3 books I really need to finish for Read Harder 2017–and then I’ll show off covers for the other books I brought home. As per usual, it’s very subject to change.

Read Harder 2017 Books

Does Jesus Really Love Me

Full disclosure: I’ve already started this one and I’m really hoping to finish it quickly. It’s been very interesting so far. I’m reading it to satisfy the Read Harder task for a book where a POC of color undertakes a spiritual journey. It’s really making me look at the church as a whole, and making me consider that though my church is very inclusive, not all are. Would already probably recommend. After that, I’m hoping to finish at least one of the following:

Maya Angelou’s autobiography will fulfill the task to read a classic by an author of color and The Motorcycle Diaries will fulfill the task to read a book set in Central or South America by a Central or South American author. So, like I said, I’m hoping to finish at least 1 of these this week (these are my last 3 tasks for Read Harder!)

Other Books to Choose From

I picked a pretty eclectic mix to bring home, but intentionally picked mostly shorter books, because that’s what I was feeling. Also, trying to tackle multiple nonfiction books made me really want shorter fiction. I’m just like that–I need to finish things quickly sometimes. I think I’ll definitely try to FINALLY finish Chicks Dig Time Lords–is this the week?!

Anywho–I’ll be happy with any reading I get done because it will be a very busy week of socializing.

Thanksgiving Traditions

I don’t have a ton of family traditions–but here are a few things that seem to happen every year.

  • Thanksgiving dinner with my immediate family at home, with dessert at my mom’s sister’s house.
  • Game night with my dad’s siblings–and we play good games too! These include Settlers of Catan, Betrayal at House on the Hill, etc.
  • Gingerbread house with my friends from high school (most of whom I still talk to regularly). We always make interesting gingerbread houses. One year, we did a creepy murder scene (yep, we’re weird), just to give you an idea. This year we are doing superheroes! I’ll try and remember to post some pics. Afterwards, we play games and my friend who hosts always makes something delicious for dinner. It’s usually an all afternoon and evening event!
  • This year, I’m also trying a blacklight kickboxing class with my mom (I hope I don’t die) and we’re planning to do a little small business Saturday shopping.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving full of wonderful family and friends and books!


7 thoughts on “#ThanksgivingReadathon Sign-Up Post!

  1. YAY! Welcome to the Thanksgiving Readathon, Sarah! I love how you broke out your goals by not only TBR but also reading *time*. Why did that never occur to me? I should modify my own goals… 😉

    I’m with you about being a mood reader. I recently finished reading The Old Man and the Sea and I adored it. I hope you do too. I also hope you make a dent in Read Harder! I will admit, I have given up for 2017– but I will continue to try and finish it in 2018. I think that challenge is good for me. If I can’t finish it, I can surely root for those who will. Go, Sarah, Go!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think the time goal is a hold over from Bout of Books. It’s always a goal I have for that :). Read Harder is definitely a good challenge. I’m not finishing any of my other year-long challenges, so I’m glad I have a chance at finishing it. Thanks for the rooting!! I’m excited to see how your #ThanksgivingReadathon goes!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the eclectic mix of nonficion, classics and more contemporary fiction picks in your TBR list. I really need to read I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings myself, so I’ll be looking forward to reading what you thought of it. Your Thanksgiving traditions sound super fun: game night, gingerbread houses AND a kickboxing class? Pretty cool 🙂 Thanks for joining the Readathon!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats on almost finishing the Read Harder challenge! As a fellow mood reader, I know how hard it is to do those kinds of things. The Maya Angelou is really good – all of her memoirs that I’ve read so far as excellent. She led such an interesting life. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Liked by 1 person

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