#ViewaThon: To Be Watched


So I was exploring Twitter, as I frequently do, and I found something similar to a Readathon, except it’s for TV and movies. Since this week is my first week back to school, and I don’t anticipate having energy for much, this seemed like the perfect challenge for me! It’s called View-a-Thon. You can find all the info here. It runs from August 7 to August 13. There’s also a list of challenges, and I’m going to address those here on my list of things to watch. For most challenges, 1 episode of a TV series suffices (except for the “get caught up” challenge). So, here goes!

Catch up on a TV series that you’re in the middle of. 


I’ve seen season 1, & I’ve started season 2, but I really need to finish it so that I can then watch the other Netflix Marvel series like Luke Cage and Iron Fist. I’ve also been on a kick watching Lucifer, so I may opt to do that one instead–but I have fewer episodes of Daredevil to get caught up on.

Go see a film in the theatre. 

Guardians of the Galaxy

This is still playing a theater by me, so I’m going to try & go see it this weekend maybe.

Watch the latest episode of one of your favorite shows. 

Both of these amazing shows air on Friday night. I may not get to watch them on Friday, but I’ll definitely watch them this weekend!

Start a TV series you’ve been meaning to get to. 


This is one Netflix series I really want to get to, so I’m excited to maybe get at least the first episode in!

Watch a movie that it seems everyone has seen but you haven’t. 

Rogue One

All of my friends have definitely seen this one. It’s on Netflix now, so I think this will be the very first thing I watch tomorrow!

Watch a movie or TV series that has been released in 2017.

The Discovery

I don’t tend to watch a lot of movies during the week, but this has in intriguing premise, and could be a good one for the weekend.

Rewatch a favorite movie.

Sliding Doors

I love love love this movie, and seeing John Hannah on Agents of SHIELD recently made me really want to go rewatch it, so perfect timing!

Watch a movie or TV series starring a character that identifies within a marginalized group.

The Incredible Jessica James

I’ve been seeing this around, so I’ll give it a go.

Watch a movie or TV series created or directed by someone who identifies within a marginalized group. 

Dear White People

This has been on my watchlist for forever. I can’t wait to watch it!

Watch a movie or TV series with a title that begins with your first initial. 

stranger things

Everyone keeps telling me I need to watch this, so why not sample it this week?

Watch a movie or TV series that is older than you. 

I’m not sure yet what I’ll watch, but it will likely be a Cary Grant movie, because I love him.

Watch a movie or TV series from your childhood.


I loved the music from this movie when I was younger. I think I was about 12 when it came out. I’ll reserve it for Saturday morning cartoon Twitter party! 🙂 I also reserve the right to watch The Princess Bride instead.

Watch a movie or TV series recommended to you.

The OA

I have a friend who keeps insisting that I will like this show, so I’m going to try it! Stranger Things also meets the requirement for this challenge, in case I don’t make it to this one!

Watch a movie or TV series that is out of your comfort zone.

I’m going to come back to this one, because the only thing that’s really out of my comfort zone is horror, and I’m not sure I’m prepared to go there.

Watch a remake.

An Affair to Remember

This also meets the requirement for being older than me, but I simply adore this movie & it is a remake of Love Affair.

Watch a movie or TV series that is set in the summer. 

I’m not sure on this one yet. I’m considering Wet Hot American Summer, but I’m not sure it’s up my alley. I’m open to suggestions about this one!

Watch an Emmy award winning or nominated television show.

Arrested Development

I love this show & I’ve never finished it or watched the newer season.

Watch an Oscar award winning or nominated movie. 

Watch a Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime Video original series.

I already have several that meet this requirement, so I’ll use one of those! 🙂

Watch a movie on the IMDB Top 100 List.


It’s been years since I watched this!

Watch a TV series or movie that is in Black & White.

Amazing Adventure

This is a Cary Grant movie I’ve owned for ages, but never got around to watching.

Watch an animated TV series or movie. 


Anastasia already fits this bill, but I also really want to see this. So maybe Saturday morning?

Watch a documentary or docuseries.


This has been on my Netflix list for awhile, so I figured I’d give it a try. I have several others.

As with any TBR (or TBW) list I make, I reserve the right to change this based on mood, but it’s a start. Also, I know I likely won’t get to all of these because life, but I’ll hopefully get to enough that can serve for more than 1 challenge to meet all the challenge requirements. Time will tell! What are you watching this week?

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