The Sunday Post is a weekly event hosted by Kimberly @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a way to wrap up your week, share news/book hauls, and consolidate links to your posts & other posts you’ve liked throughout the week. I had a decent week. I subbed for extended school year & got a tiny bit of work done in my classroom. The real work of setting up starts this week. This past week, I’ve also acquired a decent amount of books, despite the fact that I told myself I didn’t need to buy any more. I bought Uprooted by Naomi Novik, Mirror Sight by Kristen Britain (I’m slowly acquiring the Green Rider series), the new issue of SagaAfter Alice by Gregory Maguire, Chicks Dig Time Lords, and Gilded Cage by Vic James (already read this one, just wanted to own it!).

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No updates this week, but I did acquire a bunch I need to read from the library, so I’ll hopefully have some next week!

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It’s been while since I read The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, but I am so glad I finally picked up The Broken Kingdoms because it reminds me how much I love the amazing world Jemisin has built. I’m listening to What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding on audio for Read Harder 2017 as my travel writing challenge.

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How was your week? What upcoming releases are you looking forward to?

5 thoughts on “Sunday Post: July 16, 2017

  1. Thanks so much for featuring my post in your recap this week. I’m glad you loved it enough to feature it and I’ll definitely have to check out the other posts you highlighted as well.
    Also I’m really looking forwards to The Library of Fates, hopefully it’ll be a book we both enjoy. 😀


  2. Hallo, Hallo – coming through the linky for #TheSundayPost! Mine was slightly delayed this week (ergo, it just posted overnight!) whilst this makes my debut entry as well! I was encouraged to join the fun recently and found I take a lot of joy in assembling the post as it’s an ideal way to give a digest journal of my last 7 days of bookish JOY!

    You’re doing better on your reading challenges than I am! I was waylaid due to extreme Spring allergies – however, these next two weeks ahead of August, I am looking forward to soaking inside at least 3 of my #20BooksOfSummer books! Blessedly I still have all of August to read these choices, too!

    I cannot remember if I joined the Read Harder challenge – I might have – I was a bit overly excited by the reading challenges I found round the 1st of the year; I haven’t had the proper chance to ‘check-in’ to see how I’m fairing either! One of my end goals of the Summer challenge is to take stock of what I’ve read & how what I’ve read ‘fits’ well with the challenges I’ve joined! Then, I can spend the last quarter (or so) of the year seeking out stories which will help me engage with the challenges which first left me wicked happy to find! 🙂 It’s a process… sometimes we get distracted by life! lol

    The Library of Fates rings a bell – I’ve seen some chatter about this one. Being this is my first Sunday Post, I was still sorting out what I wanted to include & share – as I want to sort out what to include on this meme vs resuming my #WWWeds posts as well. I am thankful to see everyone has their own spin on the meme which gives me ideas of how I can expand mine or just enjoy your posts as they are, too!

    I saw Suzanne’s post about reading serial fiction – I broach this topic on my Sunday Post, too! I want to go back and comment on hers as it was hers in mind which prompted me to talk about how anguished I am ‘letting go’ of series! Hmm. Did I forget to reference her? Ooh dear. I was up til 2am finishing my post… I best make sure I link to her post – thanks for reminding me!

    Like you, I love moving between audiobooks and print books – up on deck at the moment for me are: Anne of Green Gables and a murder mystery (Sharpe Shooter by Lisa B Thomas)! Enjoy your selections!

    Visit my Sunday Post!


    1. A lot of my distraction with reading challenges is that I over request books on Netgalley & wind up getting approved for more than I thought I would. I’m also a mood reader and tend to stray away from TBRs a lot. I’m trying to get back on track during 24 in 48 this weekend. I look forward to reading your Sunday Post! (P.S. I’ve been thinking about reading Anne of Green Gables again–just not sure it’ll hold up for me…)

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