Book Traveling Thursdays: Yellow Cover Edition


Book Traveling Thursdays is a weekly event hosted by Danielle’s Book Blog and The Girl Who Read Too Much. Each participant picks a book to match a theme, then finds the original cover, the covers for your country, and identifies favorite/least favorite covers. For more information, check out the Goodreads page.

This week’s theme was simply to feature a book that originally had a yellow cover. I thought of Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi, but I had previously featured that book on this event. The next book I thought of that I’ve read was The Girl With All the Gifts by M. R. Carey. I don’t normally read horror, but this book just kind of caught my eye and I ended up really enjoying it. If you haven’t read it, and mysterious horror is in your wheelhouse, it’s definitely worth a look. I can’t really describe it with being all spoiler-y, so that’s the most description you’ll get from me. I’m still planning on checking out the movie (that I didn’t know came out) & probably the sequel as well.

Original Cover


US Covers

Here we have the original cover, plus the movie tie-in…which is how I learned the movie is actually out already.

Favorite Covers

Most of the covers were variations on the original. The first cover here is a forthcoming Indonesian edition (according to Goodreads). I like that it was different from the others, but still an interesting illustration. Not quite sure it fits the tone of the book, but I like it anyway. The middle cover is the Swedish hardcover, and I like it because I like the way they shifted the girl to look like she’s holding up the title. Finally, I really like the original cover. I just like that it’s a simple photograph with the title. Straightforward.

Least Favorite Covers

The first cover is the Bulgarian hardcover. It’s okay, but I find the girl extremely creepy. While that may fit the horror genre in general, I don’t feel like it’s a particularly good cover for this book for reasons I’ll keep to myself. The next cover is Chinese, and I also don’t really love it. The colors are odd and the illustration was hard to make sense of at first. The third cover is the Finnish hardcover. I don’t like real people on the covers of books (except for some movie tie-ins), and thus do not like this one. Finally, the last cover is Serbian (where apparently the book was renamed to Pandora). The illustration here just looks like it belongs with a different book.

What yellow cover book did you pick this week? Feel free to leave me a thought in the comments about the covers you like.

7 thoughts on “Book Traveling Thursdays: Yellow Cover Edition

  1. I read this book and I NEVER read horror (honestly wouldn’t have picked it up if I realized that was the classification). So I’d second your recommendation. It definitely was scarier than something I’d normally read, but read more like sci-fi with horror elements than a typical horror story. The yellow cover is also my favorite, it embodies the book best.

    Off the top of my head, Ghost by Jason Reynolds would be my pick for a good yellow cover. I haven’t read the book yet so I can’t speak to how well it embodies the story, but I’m a sucker for a good cover!


  2. I didn’t read this book but I so agree with your best and least covers! Even though the original cover is a photograph they didn’t leave her in focus. And those least covers don’t give a clear sense of the story… not sure I’d pick the book up unless it had the original cover… great choice!

    I love this meme even though its not so popular anymore… It’s nice seeing another blogger keep up with it sometimes.

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  3. I just looked at my yellow cover book from a couple weeks ago and then remembered this one. I really like the original covers, but I also love the cases when they’ve shifted the girl to hold up the title. It feels true to the book and the expectations that Caldwell and the other scientists have of her.

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