Let’s Talk About: Reading Spaces

So one of my big blog goals for this year was to post more discussion/reading life posts as well as reviews, weekly events and tags. Now that it’s June, I thought I’d get around to doing it!  I know I want to get a lot of reading done in the little bit of summer I have left, but I don’t want to do it all at home because my studio apartment, as much as I love it, does get boring sometimes. So I’ve been pondering & I thought I’d share a list of places I’m probably going to try before I go back to work on August 1st!



I do love the great outdoors. Around my apartment, there’s a little park with some gazebos and benches that’s nice, but I also love the idea of taking my books to one of the many nearby national parks and finding a spot to plop down. There’s also plenty of parks I can tackle with a blanket and/or a comfy lawn chair (one I have in mind even has porch swings to sit in!)


Generally, I go to the library just to pick up and obtain more books, but lately, I’ve started noticing the abundance of comfy chairs and spaces. Maybe next time, I’ll check out my books, then snuggle up for awhile!

Coffee Shops

I love me some coffee shops! I haven’t been drinking coffee for a long while (though lately have been craving it), but I can usually find tea, lunch, and some great baked goods on the menu. I also love the atmosphere, where I can read and people watch in equal measure. It’s always a plus when I can find a coffee shop with a patio (and combine my love of coffee shops & the outdoors!)

The Car

In the last year or 2, I’ve discovered a love of audiobooks, specifically as re-reads or memoirs read by the author. When (if?) I road trip this summer, I’ll definitely be bringing some audiobooks along.

Where do you like to read? What spots will you be trying out this summer?? Let me know in the comments!


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