Bout of Books

Bout of Books 19 is now over. Sad face. In this post, I’m going to wrap-up the week, including commentary on how well I met my goals & cumulative time read/listened and page counts. I had so much fun once again. I’m very excited that I’m eligible to apply to be a Bout of Books expert next time around in August.


  • Read at least 1 hour per day of the read-a-thon (or a total of 7 hours over the course of the week). I’ll aim for more, but I’m setting my bar a little low. I did this!! I read a little more than 2 hours per day, including audiobook time. 
  • Finish the non-fiction book I started this week (I know it won’t be finished before) and at least 1 other book that I start next week. I did this, too! I finally finished my nonfiction book on Saturday, and I also finished a few comic books & Six of Crows
  • Participate in at least 1 Twitter chat. BOOM! I participated in both! I love them so! 
  • Participate in the daily challenges.–I almost did this. I participated in all but one!


Books Finished


Pages Read: 995

Time Read/Listened: 15 hr 11 min

Challenges Participated: 5 out of 6

Twitter Chats Participated: 2 out of 2

This was my 4th Bout of Books & I enjoyed every minute! New Twitter friends, lots of reading, what’s not to love? How did your Bout of Books wrap-up? Feel free to let me know below!



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