Review: Perfect by Cecilia Ahern


When I requested this from Netgalley, I did not quite register the fact that this was a sequel to a previous book. So, I took some time to read the first book in the duology, and then read this one. I have to say, I enjoyed this one far more than the first. The books follow Celestine North, who lives in a society where a morality court has set up shop side by side with the government. In this society, those who are deemed Flawed for some reason are branded with an F somewhere on their body (dependent on the offense) and subjected to living a life of restriction for the rest of their lives. In the first book, Celestine makes an error in judgment (according to society), and her whole life is upended. This installment continues her story as begun in Flawed.

I really liked this sequel overall. It continued the story in an interesting, fast-paced way and wasn’t always predictable. Celestine is an interesting character, who is not perfect, but strives to do the best she can despite the overwhelming circumstances she is facing. At times, I got frustrated with her, but I understood her most of the time. The love story was predictable, and a little lackluster, but still endearing. I enjoyed getting to know some characters from the first book better, though I still think some could’ve been developed more. The one thing I didn’t love about the book was that the ending felt rushed. Maybe it’s because I assumed this would be a trilogy (as so many YA series are these days), but it just seemed like all of a sudden everything came together a little too fast for my tastes. Despite that, I read the book in one sitting and was eager to see how it was resolved. The ending was also fairly satisfying.

If you like dystopian YA fiction, there are some tropes here, but it’s an interesting world that will make you think about our society and where it is headed. It’s fast paced and interesting, with a relatable heroine and a sweet love story. I recommend for a fun reading experience!

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

More Information: Goodreads, Amazon, Author Website

Have you read the Flawed duology? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

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