Book Traveling Thursdays is a weekly event hosted by Danielle’s Book Blog and The Girl Who Read Too Much. Each participant picks a book to match a theme, then finds the original cover, the covers for your country, and identifies favorite/least favorite covers. For more information, check out the Goodreads page.

The theme for today is to showcase your first read of 2017. I did finish And I Darken in 2017, but I’m not counting it because I started it in 2016. Therefore, my first full read of 2017 was Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman…and I was super excited to uncover all of these covers. I was kinda underwhelmed at first, but I found some I really liked…and a few I really did not.

Original Cover


I don’t really like this one.

US Covers

(I did my best picking these. It’s sometimes hard to differentiate between US & UK on Goodreads, even when I Google the publisher).

I like most of these. Particularly the last 3. The edition I read had the second cover & I really like the look of the third cover. As for the last one, I really like that style of covers (I’ve seen them for several Gaiman titles).

Favorite Covers

Top Row: Turkish////UK Illustrated Edition//Hungarian//Spanish

Bottom Row: Estonian//US//US

Basically, I obviously love the ones with clock towers in them. And buildings. I also really love the pinkish and rose hues on the Hungarian cover. The Illustrated Edition intrigues me, and the cover is just so cool looking. I love that illustration! The Estonian cover is also really nice, I like the image of Door and the buildings up top. The very first one (the Turkish cover) is also pretty great. To me, that one’s pretty perfect. Wonderful & magical covers!

Least Favorite Covers

Top Row: Thai//Italian//Finnish//Polish

Bottom Row: Bulgarian//UK

There were, quite honestly, many more terrible covers to choose from, but I ultimately went with these. The Thai cover fits with the theme I suppose, but it’s not terribly attractive. I don’t really get the Italian cover, and the Finnish cover looks like it came from the 80’s. It’s also odd. I feel like this Polish cover makes the novel look like horror (which it isn’t). I just can’t even with the Bulgarian cover. Last, the UK cover isn’t so bad. I like its lettering, but I don’t get the rat. There are rats in the story. I just didn’t feel like they were THAT integral to the story to get the cover.

Have you read Neverwhere? What do you think of the covers? Let me know in the comments & feel free to link up to your own Book Traveling Thursday!



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