Troublemaker by Leah Remini is one of the most interesting celebrity memoirs I’ve ever listened to. The book tells the story of her life, particularly as it relates to being raised within Scientology for most of her life, unlike most of the other celebrity practitioners. When her parents got divorced, her mother’s new boyfriend introduced Leah and her family to the church, which changed her life immensely. The story follows the arc of her infatuation with the church, her practice for most of her life, and her eventual falling out with the church over its policies. Amidst this story are also anecdotes of her attempts to become an actress, and a few stories here and there about her various acting jobs, most notably as Carrie on King of Queens.

When I listen to audiobooks, I mainly listen to memoirs, though I’ve been branching out into fiction more recently. My rule is that I will only listen to the audio of a memoir if it is narrated by the author. This one did not disappoint. Remini comes across as open and honest and immensely herself. She doesn’t pull punches, and you can’t help but feel that every word she speaks is true, especially because she’s not afraid to admit she’s made mistakes and she’s not perfect. When she talks about Scientology, she doesn’t condemn it at first, and you can tell that it wasn’t easy for her to leave the church. Additionally, it doesn’t come lightly to her to say the things she now believes about the church and the way it’s governed, which is essentially her main problem with it. All of these things make me really want to believe she’s telling the truth.

Listening to Remini talk in my car for hours while I traveled at Thanksgiving was a pleasant experience. When I had to stop, I so badly wanted to be back in my car to hear what would happen next and to listen to her some more. It’s clear she’s had to endure some huge highs and lows over the course of her life, but she’s managed to come out on top with a life she can now enjoy. She’s a strong, passionate woman who isn’t completely innocent, but is completely honest. Listening to her journey is definitely well worth your time, and you will learn new things about Scientology and about her.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

More Information: Goodreads, Amazon, Author’s Official Website 

What are your thoughts on Remini outing her church after she left in such a public fashion? Let me know what you think, or what you thought of the book!



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