I loved The Office television show. The American version. I think the character I loved the most was Dwight. I also appreciated the actor behind him, Rainn Wilson, because of his amazingly awesome website he started (SoulPancake) and I knew he was a Ba’hai, a faith I’ve always wanted to know more about. This book just made me appreciate him even more.

I listened to the audio version, which is narrated by Wilson himself. The book follows his unusual upbringing and childhood, then moves into his young adulthood. He spends an obligatory few chapters talking about The Office, but what I found myself also enjoying the parts that were about things I did not know about him. He discusses his life, as well as the times he abandoned his faith and what made him turn back to it. He talks about struggles with drugs and alcohol, his marriage, his son, and his thoughts on many things. He sounds like Dwight at times, and I was okay with that. In the car, I found myself listening intently and laughing out loud frequently.

Wilson is an infinitely likable person to listen to. He is human, he struggles like we all do, but brings a quiet grace to the narration of both his failures and his celebrations. He’s offbeat and easy to relate to for anyone who has ever felt like an outsider. I loved that the story of his life wasn’t solely focused on his career and backstage stories, but that he gave us a whole picture of who he is and how he became that person. From a child of interesting parents in a foreign country to a lovesick teenager to a struggling actor living in a possibly-not quite legal living space, you meet Wilson as he evolves and grows at each stage of his life. It’s a complete picture, which I feel is the best way to tell a memoir. He’s honest about his faith, and the last chapter or two are solely focused on explaining why he is Ba’Hai (a religion which I can appreciate, but couldn’t agree with all parts enough to be a member). Educational, entertaining, and forthright, this book was a great treat on my commute each day.

Recommend: Yes! Especially for Office fans or those interested in spirituality and faith.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (it dragged a bit in spots)

More Information: Goodreads, Amazon, SoulPancake

Have you read this?? Will you? Let me know in the comments!

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