Bout of Books

Today was my best day for Bout of Books yet!!! Earlier this week, realizing I’d had very little time to read, I decided to devote all of Saturday to reading, because what’s a good readathon without at least 1 binge day, if you can have it?!?! It surpassed my expectations. It was very relaxing, with a few adventures (e.g. burning my turkey burger and setting off my smoke alarm). So…here’s what I did (and I’m about to go read a little more when I get in bed, so true totals will be reflected in the morning).

Day 6 Wrap-Up

Books Read: The Miraculous Journey of Edward TulaneQueen of HeartsWinter, Stars Above

Daily Number of Pages Read: 1,301

Minutes Listened: No audio today.

Books Finished Today: The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, Queen of Hearts, Winter

Total Pages Read So Far: 1,613

Total Minutes Listened So Far: 8 hours and 4 minutes

I had a very busy day. Reading wise anyway. Also, after doing this on my blog, I now see the wisdom in having one progress post that is updated throughout the week. Next time :). How was your Saturday? What are you reading?


One thought on “Bout of Books Progress Day 6

  1. I’ve also been updating a single post throughout the week. I didn’t update the first couple of days so I got the idea when I started visiting other bloggers. It’s really super convenient and you can see to compare each day.
    I finished my 3rd book last night and absolutely loved it – November 9 by Colleen Hoover.
    Last day and I am thinking to read an entire novel today. We’ll see how that goes 🙂


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