Bookish Olympics

So, I was totally going to participate in The Great Twitter Readathon and then forgot about it. Oopsies! This week, however, I’m embarking on a fairly rigorous challenge sponsored by The Spinecrackers Book Club over on Litsy

If you haven’t heard, Litsy is an app currently available on iOS. It’s essentially the love child of Goodreads and Instagram. You can post blurbs, reviews, and quotes from books along with photos. Their rating system is also pretty great, with choices ranging from “pick” to “so-so” to “bail”. 

Anywho, the challenge has 3 levels corresponding to the three Olympic medals. It runs from today until August 21. To earn bronze, you need to read 7 graphic novels or short stories, with at least 2 being novels. To earn silver, you need to read a combination of 7 novels/graphic novels/short stories, with at least 4 being novels. To earn gold, you need to read 7 novels. A novel has to be at least 220 pages. 

Realistically, I think I can earn silver this week. I’ve read 1 graphic novel today (Fables: Volume 7). But if I can maybe make it, I’ll be honest, I’m aiming for gold. If you want to check the challenge out, hit up The Spinecrackers Book Club on Litsy, and while you’re at it, find me there at Simplerevelry.

Are you on Litsy? Interested in the challenge? Let me know in the comments.


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