Book Traveling Thursdays is a weekly event hosted by Danielle’s Book Blog and The Girl Who Read Too Much. For more information, check out the Goodreads page, too.

This week, the theme is based on the fact that National Book Lovers’ Day was two days ago. So, I had to choose a book that I think every book lover should read. For this particular theme, the first thing to pop into my head was The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde, the first book in the Thursday  Next series. If you love literature, this series is a MUST. It’s based in an alternate version of England, where the Crimean War is still going on, dodos have been brought back from extinction to become pets, and Jane Eyre does not end the way you expect it to. From there, you follow Thursday, who is an agent in the Literary division of Spec-Ops (think special services/police). The books are just crazy and funny and amazing. Check them out. Anywho, below you will find the original edition cover, all US covers, and my favorite/least favorite covers. Enjoy!

Original Edition

Original Cover Edition

This was the earliest cover I could find on Goodreads. It may not be the original cover. It was originally published in the UK.

US Editions


Favorite Covers


I love the German one! The colors are so fun, and there are images pertaining to the book worked into the swirly design behind the silhouette. Definitely my favorite. I also think there’s something beautiful about the Swedish cover, with the ladder and the pretty country inside the book. As for this UK cover, I just love the dodo and the pink together. It seems to fit the tone of the book at least. Finally, the US cover was the cover of my own edition, which I’ve just grown very fond of as I’ve read and re-read the book over the years.

Least Favorite Covers


I find all of these covers creepy or unsettling. The first one is colorful, but I don’t get all of the images necessarily and there’s something very odd about it. The Romanian one, aside from the dodo, just seems like a horro book cover to me. I couldn’t tell you why. Finally, the Russian one is my absolute least favorite because that woman is creepy and orchids have NOTHING to do with the book. It looks like it should be a ghost story.

Have you read The Eyre Affair? Which covers did you love/hate? Let me know in the comments!


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